Determination:     Does your teen need intervention? That is the big question. This is very important and can be the difference between life and death of your child. The goal of an intervention is to avoid severe consequences that are irreversible and bring a lasting change of heart.

Steps to Determination:

  1. Do a thorough assessment.
  2. Gather information:

a)      Dates of incidents.

b)      Signs of drug use.

c)      Legal issues.

d)      Health issues.

e)      Mental health issues.

f)       Any other persuasive data.

3. Determine whether the evidence shows that your teen is using drugs, potentially may have a mental health issue, or is involved in behavior that is harmful.

Decision:     If you determine that your teen has some serious issues that need attention. This would be the point at which a professional should be contacted. A professional can better assess the data gathered in order to bring the truth to the surface.

Steps to Decision:

  1. Make determination to seek help.
  2. Contact the interventionist by completing our admission questionaire in “Contact Us” and/or “INTERVENE NOW” help request. Confirm need for intervention and/or treatment.
  3. Create a plan to help your teen, with the interventionist.
  4. If an intervention is needed summarize the information gathered and write an intervention letter.
  5. Make arrangements for treatment, such as packing a bag, prior to intervention.